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1. It is recommended that before making a purchase, the client or Distributor verify with their sales executive the validity of the prices.

Price changes reported directly by your sales executive.

2. All quotes will be valid for 5 calendar days. After that time, you must request a quote update from your sales executive.

This validity period may be shorter in the event that unexpected changes arise due to fortuitous events, force majeure or global events that affect the costs of production and logistics inputs.

3. All our offers and promotions are subject to the validity specified in the promotion or while supplies last. The prices of offers and promotions may only be valid during the validity of said promotion, indicated in the corresponding advertisement or quote.

4. Orders will not be processed if the payment is not firmly reflected in the bank accounts, within 48 hours, otherwise the request will be denied and the quote must be cancelled.

5. Distributors must respect the List of Minimum Retail Prices, so as not to affect or damage the distribution chain. A very low price considerably reduces the commercial margin of the product, compromising the usefulness or profitability of Distributors.

6. In the case of the preparation of packages with gifts, kits or combinations of several products, the price must compensate the profit obtained from each one, that is, the value of each item offered will be evaluated, and it will be discounted to calculate the actual value at which the equipment is being offered.

7. Please note that the prices to pay will have a change in the event that payments are made with credit cards, debit cards or payment links, due to the operator's commission and taxes.

8. Complot Group SAS reserves the right to manage new price lists for promotions or seasons. These price lists will help stimulate demand during specific periods of the year.

9. To make a purchase, the Distributor or client must send an order or purchase order by email to their sales executive. In said order, the client must specify the details of the products to be purchased, codes or part numbers, description, quantity, price (the quote sent by your sales executive).

1. shipping method, shipping address, payment method and any other information that is necessary and relevant to correctly process your order or purchase order.

2. Once the order is received and reviewed, the sales executive will send the client an “Order Confirmation” where Complot Group confirms all the details of the products that the client wishes to order. This confirmation will be made by email or WhatsApp. If the customer does not indicate modifications, the order is confirmed and the sales process continues. We suggest the customer validate the order they placed very carefully since confirmation is acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.

3. When the quote has been processed as an order, no changes or modifications will be made to said document.

4. It is important that the customer indicates the courier company by which they wish to send their merchandise. If you do not have contact with a courier/cargo company, we can suggest and quote the cost with one of the companies that offer the service and currently work in the market.

5. The Client is responsible for validating that the products he has requested in his purchase order match the invoiced products and the physically received products; In case of discrepancy, the customer must notify their sales executive at the time of receipt of the merchandise so that the corresponding valid claim can be accepted within the first 5 days from receipt of the order.


1. The time to process purchase orders and be delivered or shipped on the same day is from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

2. Complot Group S.A.S is subject to the conditions of service of the couriers contracted to send merchandise to clients, the company has no interference or control over said conditions.

NOTE: Complot Group S.A.S is not responsible for damages caused by the parcel. (We are the only ones who do careful and detailed packaging of the merchandise and even more so when it comes to very delicate products such as ceramics).

3. In the event that the handling of merchandise is required to protect the product, the client or Distributor must pay for that service.

4. In the event that the handling of merchandise is required to protect the product, the client or Distributor must pay for that service.

5. When Distributors decide to send packages directly to their clients, there will be an additional cost for logistics which varies from 3% of the invoiced amount when the Distributor sends their own guide, in the event that we must generate the guide and follow up on it, the cost will be of an additional 2% for parcel shipping logistics.


1. In cases where the product is not available in stock, the delivery time will be agreed with your sales executive.

2. For special products or markings, the delivery time will be agreed with your sales executive.

3. Complot Group S.A.S will not fully or partially absorb the penalties and/or surcharges incurred by a Distributor or Transport Companies due to delays in deliveries.


1. Payment terms are pre-payment or those established by the company in writing with the client.

2. Bank deposits can be made to the accounts indicated in the institutional graphic banner, which is sent by WhatsApp to make payments and cancel jobs, products or services.

3. Credit customers who present overdue invoices must be up to date in order to make the next purchase and thus avoid charging interest for late payment.

4. Credit clients may not exceed the approved or previously agreed credit limit (*Strictly special modality).

5. Delays in payment of overdue invoices for more than three months lead to the definitive suspension of sales to the client.

6. We accept payments with credit cards (Check with your sales executive for the procedure and commissions).



1. Expenditure invoices must be issued in the month current to said payment.

2. Once the payment has been made either by bank transfer or directly in our offices, you must notify your sales executive about the payment made. We will identify the payment once it is signed, we will proceed to issue the invoice and/or payment supplement. , as well as to send or deliver the order.

3. The client must notify his sales executive when he has made any change in company or office address, physical address or company name for billing and shipping of his products.


For tax changes, the RUT and Chamber of Commerce format where said change is made is required. Complot Group S.A.S. is not responsible for changes that have not been notified.

Consult with your sales executive the procedure for making changes to your tax information or registering new company names.

4. For detailed information on the guarantees that apply to products with or without marking marketed by Complot Group S.A.S. Please see the Return Policies document at the bottom of this page.

Request it from your sales executive or the Support and Warranty department. No guarantee will be valid without an invoice or order issued by the Distributor.

5. The cancellation of Income invoices will be carried out within a period of no more than 24 hours from their issuance and must be authorized by the accounting officer.

6. All merchandise leaving the company must be an invoice or order.

7. In case of the following concepts: Courtesy, donation or guarantee, an order or credit note will be issued if necessary.


1. The customer has 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of the merchandise to request a return procedure with their sales executive, who must present the evidence to the administration for due approval.

2. For any product return issue, the client must first present the case to their sales executive who will inform them if their request can be evaluated or not (Authorized by the Administration) and in this way the client has authorization to send the product(s) back to the Complot Group S.A.S warehouse. for the physical inspection and exchange process (if applicable).

3. The products or supplies that the client wishes to return to Complot Group S.A.S. They must be sent complete, without physical damage, without physical or chemical alterations, without any type of mark in the event that the product has been sent completely blank and without marking service and with its original packaging intact as they were sent.

4. Once the product or products are physically in the warehouse on behalf of and shipped by the client of Complot Group S.A.S. They will be inspected to validate if the return is accepted or if it is not appropriate. If the product and/or its packaging has signs of having been damaged or mishandled or poorly treated, the return will not be accepted and the product or products will be returned to the customer, who must pay for the shipping.

5. If the return is authorized, the value of 20% of the returned merchandise will be charged for administration and re-storage costs.

6. All shipping costs generated by returning products are the responsibility of the customer.

7. Not all products are subject to a return procedure. The sales executive will inform the customer if the product he wants to return is subject to return or not, Administration gives the VoBo.

8. The amount of the merchandise subject to return must be taken into account once authorized by administration, since this may cancel any promotion or discount previously made to the distributor or customer. The Administration will carry out an evaluation of the data within the corresponding levels.

9. Likewise, the seller will lose the commission earned from this sale since the merchandise returns to the warehouse again for resale, as long as it is in condition to be resold.

10. If any of the aforementioned procedures are omitted, such as authorization by the administrative department, the seller assumes responsibility and may be penalized with up to 10% of their monthly commissions.


1. All information presented in this document is subject to change without prior notice.

2. If you require any additional clarification, contact your sales executive.

3. Complot Group S.A.S. reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice based on changes that, in turn, are applied by manufacturers and Importers.

Dear customer:

We thank you for your trust in purchasing our products and services. Complot Group S.A.S.

Guarantee Clauses:
• This warranty only covers markings that have been serviced by Complot Group S.A.S. For external markings in which we do not have a production or execution part, we do not respond.

The support team, Complot Group S.A.S. will reserve the right to apply the guarantees of all our products, it is subject to the verification and diagnosis of the product in terms of its operation, components, characteristics and invoice or original purchase order.

• Complot Group S.A.S. is not responsible for products left abandoned after sixty calendar days have elapsed after being notified.

• Products altered or repaired by personnel not authorized by Complot Group S.A.S. lose warranty. because the importer, like us, will be unable to corroborate that the product was not in suitable conditions for use.

• Products damaged by poor operation or handling such as knocks, scratches, peeling, spills of liquids that affect their physical appearance or composition, high temperatures that cause imperceptible, mild or high burns, as well as the use of inks, catalysts, removers, etc., lose warranty. degreasers, cleaners, soaps, alcohols, chemicals and tapes.


• Complot Group S.A.S. reserves the right to update its warranty policies, you are required to read our updated policies located on this
Web page.

Dear Client:
We thank you for your trust in purchasing our products and services. Complot Group S.A.S. informs that all our products are subject to our policies and the policies of importers and manufacturers.

Guarantee Clauses

Our guarantees only cover products and services produced and marketed by Complot Group S.A.S.

They will have a guarantee taking into account that they apply according to all the descriptions specified on this page.

The warranty is not transferable.

The application of the guarantees of all our products is subject to the verification and diagnosis of the product in terms of its operation, components, characteristics and original invoice or purchase order.

Complot Group S.A.S. You agree to change during the warranty period those products that present inconsistencies during normal use; for longer periods the warranty will have expired and there is no room for guarantees.

The warranty shipping costs of the damaged equipment to our authorized service center will be the responsibility of Complot Group S.A.S. only the first 5 calendar days after the delivery date of the product order, after this the shipping of the package will be the responsibility of the customer. This clause of free shipping for the first 5 calendar days only applies once the management has been carried out with the sales advisor.

The exchange time will not exceed sixty calendar days from the date of receipt of the product by our authorized service center.

Complot Group S.A.S. is not responsible for repaired equipment left abandoned after sixty calendar days have elapsed after notification of its repair.

Products altered or repaired or poorly treated by personnel not authorized by Complot Group S.A.S. lose warranty.

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